Diabetes Symptoms

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Diabetes Symptoms

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Type 2 Diabetes is a chronic disease that affects an estimated 16 million or more Americans. Studies show that the number of people suffering from Type 2 Diabetes is increasing in almost every country around the globe. Every year more than 3 million people worldwide die of Type 2 Diabetes. It is also the prime cause of blindness and it is suspected to be the trigger causing Alzheimer in many people.

The glucose level in the body in Type 2 Diabetes patients is higher than in normal people who do not suffer from this condition. Generally after eating, the food reaches the stomach where it breaks down into a sugary substance known as glucose. This glucose is then carried through the blood stream to all the cells in the body. In Type 2 Diabetes patients the insulin, which is the substance that does the work of converting glucose into energy, is produced in insufficient quantities. Because of this, cells found in the body's fat, liver and muscles are unable to utilize the glucose that is present leading to a drastic increase in the glucose level of the blood while cells that need glucose to function properly are deprived of it. This has very severe consequences and after a period of time the blood vessels and nerves could get seriously affected and lead to other related illnesses including heart attacks, blindness, nerve problems and kidney disease. In extreme cases, drastic action including amputation of limbs is called for.

Type 2 Diabetes can be prevented by making a few changes in lifestyle and eating habits. Weight loss is very important in an attempt to keep Type 2 Diabetes at bay. A regular exercise program accompanied by a healthy diet that is low in sugar can go a long way in preventing the occurrence of this condition.

People who are overweight and who have high glucose levels in the blood have a higher risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes. Some studies show that minority groups and also older people over the age of 60 are more prone to getting Type 2 Diabetes. Hereditary is also a factor.

To keep Type 2 Diabetes under control Doctors recommend a combination of diet, lifestyle change and exercise with the administration of drugs. This would mean including some form of exercise at least 5 times a week and also a change over from harmful lifestyle habits and a bad diet. Fresh fruit and vegetables should replace highly refined sugary and high fat foods. Some Type 2 Diabetes patients are administered the drug metformin along with the advice on healthy diet and exercise.

All tests show that the number of people who changed their diets and exercised had better chances of reducing their risk. This proves that a healthier life style is far more effective than any medicine administration in the prevention and cure of Type 2 Diabetes.

Regular check ups and better life style habits are highly recommended in order to lead a healthy, normal life without any illnesses.

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