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The Sooil is situated in Korea and it has been developing and marketing insulin infusion systems for approximately 30 years now. The IIS is one of the company's latest insulin pumps. The Sooil Corporation is focused only on insulin infusion system development and in fact has several latest pumps available outside of the United States. For the last 30 years, the Sooil has provided over 50,000 sets of infusion systems to diabetics worldwide. While being branded as Dana R System, it's a tiny and light pump. It has a remote with an integrated BG meter. The results are downloadable to PC by any wireless connection.

The new Dana Diabecare R Remote System is one of the most smart glucose management systems all over the world. It has a Glucose Meter integrated into its Remote Control and this Remote Control of the Dana Diabecare R system has an integrated glucose meter that automatically sends the test results to your insulin pump through its wireless communication system. So there's no need to carry around an additional glucose meter to measure the blood sugar level. You can control the system from the Remote using modern wireless communication technology. You can test your blood sugar level and calculate your carbohydrates level and bolus whatever you want and also adjust or temporarily reset your basal rates; you can check and review your result histories. The wireless communication of test results automatically simplifies diabetes management system by eliminating extra button presses for you and by enabling you to calculate the bolus dose automatically. It's the smallest and lightest insulin infusion system and it is waterproof too! The size of the pump is 75mm in length, 45 mm in width and 19 mm in height. It weighs just 63 gm including the battery.

The Sooil Dana insulin pumps are new and cool and they clearly have an enormous technical support for people who are suffering from mellitus diabetes.

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