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Diabetes Care

Diabetes Skin Care

The risk of infection due to the uncontrolled elevated blood sugar level is one of the problems of a diabetic person. It is important to take precaution to prevent future complications and other problems that might cause by the slow healing of a wound.

Hygiene is considered as part of protecting your physical health from harmful bacteria. A diabetic person should have special measures in taking care of their body. There should be routinely methods to be followed daily for maintenance. A diabetic person should check if they are undergoing some emotional stress as the physiological effect can raise blood sugar, thus, controlling it would be difficult.

Because of skin is exposed, bacteria in it can cause infections. To avoid it, bathe with mild soap and water, pat dry thoroughly after. Be cautions by taking hot bathes and showers as it can cause neuropathy that can lose protective pain perception. Wear gloves when working on some things that may injure your hands, wear gloves instead. When you have a cut, wash it in warm soapy water and clean it with hydrogen peroxide, apply antiseptic in your wounds as well as alcohol, then dress it with gauge. Consult your doctor if you have scrapes and cuts that might be infected; i.e. redness, heat, or tenderness.

Although these substances kill bacteria, they also destroy healthy body tissues. Notify your doctor if cuts or scrapes shoe any signs of infection (redness, heat, swelling, tenderness, throbbing, or pus formation). If an infection does occur, use an antiseptic soap such as Betadine that kills skin bacteria and may prevent the spread of infection.

Diabetics should wear cotton underpants, as cotton allows air to circulate freely. When wearing a skirt, or tight jeans, use baby powder as skin rubs together, it can be irritated. Dry ear canals after shower or swimming; this will help you avoid bacterial and fungal infection. If infection develops, consult your doctor.

Use sunscreen when going out to avoid sunburn. Apply moisturizing cream whenever going outside. You should use hypo-allergenic cosmetics and deodorants to prevent irritation. Whenever there are signs of irritation, consult your doctor. Diabetic women should use an electric razor when shaving their legs. You should use bland cream for your hands to avoid chapping. Your fingernails should not be elongated as it may cause you a scratch.

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