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Roche Diagnostics

Roche diagnostics is a company which has been making a lot of effort to provide a better quality of healthcare for people who have been afflicted with diabetes. Many different products which can be recommended by doctors to their diabetic patients have been manufactured by Roche diagnostics. These products have helped in improving their quality of life to a large extent. The devices created by Roche diagnostics have helped many diabetics to become more independent and self reliant as it enables them to measure and monitor their blood glucose levels on their own. These blood glucose meters which have been made by Roche diagnostics also contain test strips which help people in testing their blood glucose levels at any time of the day or night. Roche diagnostics is now treading the path of devising IT based solutions that makes the quality of life of a diabetic even better.

The main purpose behind the inception of Roche diagnostics is to make all the facilities of a medical laboratory easily available to the person in his respective place and that too in a compact manner so that it can be used easily. These testing systems which have been created by Roche diagnostics enable people to conduct certain medical tests in the comfort of their homes without having to visit the nearest medical lab. This helps the person in taking care of his health in a much better manner. It also ensures that all kinds of major complications can be kept at bay.

Roche diagnostics has created a wide range of blood glucose meters and urine glucose meters. The Accu check range of blood glucose meters and urine glucose meters have been introduced in the market by Roche diagnostics. They have made the process of monitoring and managing the blood sugar levels in a person extremely easy. People do not experience any kind of discomfort while making use of these blood glucose meters. A lot of thinking and innovation has been applied in order to devise the basic design which has helped in creating these blood glucose meters. The results which are obtained on using these blood glucose meters ensures that people are able to take care of their health in a better manner.

Roche Diagnostics Manufacturers:

  • Accu Chek Aviva
  • Accu-Chek Compact Plus
  • Accu Chek Go
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