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Nipro Diagnostics

With offices in Miramar, Fla., the Nipro Diabetes Systems produces the Amigo Insulin Infusion system in the U.S. The parent company, Nipro Corporation, is a huge and multi-billion dollar company headquartered in Osaka, Japan and it has been a leader in the healthcare services field since 1954. The Nipro Diabetes Systems provides wide-ranging insulin infusion system training and education through their Certified Diabetes Educators. This company is dedicated to support diabetic people by developing and promoting high-quality, secure and effective products which enhance their customers' lives.

The Nipro Diabetes Systems produces their Amigo Insulin Pump to keep the blood glucose level in control for diabetic patients. Known for safety, reliability, exactness and durability, the Amigo Insulin infusion systems features computer-like color screens for simple programming. Devoted to supporting the ever-changing treatment of mellitus diabetes, the Amigo pump was designed by people who are diabetic along with a set of medical professionals. Like a computer, the Amigo pump features wizards to help the wearer through programming sequences of the pump and other on-screen help messages.

A wide range of blood glucose meters have also been created by Nipro diagnostics and each one has its own unique features. The True range of blood glucose meters is marketed under the banner of Nipro diagnostics. The true2go blood glucose meter is extremely convenient and user friendly and it can be used very easily. The results which are obtained on testing the blood glucose levels are extremely accurate when the true result blood glucose meter is used. The procedure to test the blood glucose levels is also extremely easy and it can therefore be done easily by any person who is using a blood glucose meter for the first time. The true track blood glucose meter which comes under this range is the first choice which is recommended by many medical insurance companies.

The method of testing the blood glucose levels using the True balance blood glucose meter made by Nipro diagnostics is extremely easy and does not involve any kind of coding. The process of testing the blood glucose levels can be completed in two simple steps. The True read blood glucose meter made by Nipro home diagnostics has been given medical insurance coverage under many Medicare as well as Medicaid plans.

Nipro Diagnostics Manufacturers:

  • Amigo(Insulin Pump)
  • TRUE2go
  • TRUEresult
  • TRUEtrack
  • TRUEbalance
  • TRUEread
  • Sidekick
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