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Insulin Pen

The use of insulin injections has doubled because of the increase of people diagnosed with diabetes. More gadgets are being invented to ease the pain and make these injections more tolerable and painless. One of these gadgets is the insulin pen injector. It is similar in appearance to the fountain pen but instead of the ink cartridge with a writing tip found inside the pen, the cartridge contains insulin and a disposable needle as its tip. A dial is found in the side of the pen to control the dose of insulin to be given. They can either give insulin in half unit, one unit, or two unit increments. The insulin is given via a disposable needle that delivers the dose of insulin into the skin when the release clip is depressed. These injections are said to have no pain and removes the need to carry insulin bottles and syringes to any place you go. These insulin pen injectors can efficiently deliver insulin in a discreet and convenient manner. Some pens are even loaded with 150 units of insulin. If you run out of insulin cartridges, then you can replace them. The needles should also be discarded properly after every use and not used repeatedly.

A couple of units of insulin are shot in the air before setting the right dosage to ensure that there is no blockage in the needle and that the pen is functioning properly. The needle should also be capped before every use to avoid any contamination on the insulin as well as the needle. Alcohol should not be used on the needle to avoid dissolving the its silicon coating. This coating is the one responsible for removing the pain in injections. This setup of having the insulin, needle and syringe all in one device plus the ease of changing the dose is very convenient and simple. It is usually recommended for children and adolescents because of the efficiency of its use.

The disadvantage of insulin pens is that it is not possible to deliver insulin combinations, usually seen in people who need to have a mixed dose therapy. It also cannot be exposed to extreme temperatures. Regular insulin should be kept in room temperature for a month. The insulin that has a longer action should be always be refrigerated.

This insulin pen and needle are used for those who have to administer insulin to their bodies to control their diabetes. Consult with your health care provider before using this insulin pen since it is not recommended for everyone. Always read the project insert first before trying out any treatment. If your doctor gives you the go signal to use an insulin pen, then here are three important things to remember:

1. Always prime the insulin pen before use.

2. Attach a new needle before injections. Do not leave the pen needle attached.

3. When using the insulin pen, leave the needle in the skin for about five seconds before you remove it from the skin.

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