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Insulet Corporation

There are a lot of companies that produce insulin pumps and The Omnipod Insulet is one of the most famous brands of them. It specializes in making the best quality insulin infusion systems for use by people suffering from diabetes.

With just two easy and user-friendly parts the Omnipod Insulet System makes the diabetes a much less significant part of your life.

The Pod: The consumer can wear the tiny, discreet wireless insulin pump to deliver insulin without shots or tubing. No tubing is needed to snag, tangle or dress around. So it's the first completely tubeless insulin infusion system. It's a truly durable and a waterproof insulin pump. So with this you can bathe, swim and be as active as you would like. It can deliver insulin based on your customized settings - precisely what you ask for, and when you ask. It has a built-in insulin reservoir, and angled infusion set, an automated inserter, a pumping mechanism and a power supply. The Insulet system weighs just 1.2 ounces including a full reservoir, thus making you comfortable when you are wearing the insulin pump. It certainly takes the insertion needles out of your sight and the pain completely out of the game. It's hands-free, an automated insertion and priming which minimizes hassles and chances of errors.

The Personal Diabetes Manager aka PDM: With this now you can manage your customized insulin delivery wirelessly. It automatically guides you through managing your own insulin delivery with simple and easy language. The built-in cool FreeStyle blood glucose (BG) meter completely eradicates the requirement to carry and manage another separate meter or to transfer your blood glucose results from one device to another. The large color screen which comes with bright mode option is simple to observe, read and utilize. So no more log-booking or "best guesses" are required. PDM automatically stores and summarizes your insulin delivery, blood glucose and carbohydrate records.

It downloads records to the new CoPilot Health Management System which simplifies the data management essential for fine-tuning your treatment. The in-built food library of more than 1,000 general foods helps you. The recommended bolus calculator suggests doses according to your personal settings and your BG value.

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