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Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes: The Scientifically Proven System for Reversing Diabetes Without Drugs

Reviw submitted by: Tim

Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing DiabetesDiabetes is a condition affecting a lot of people nowadays. If before, it was limited to only the older patients, now, everyone from all ages, from all race are afflicted with diabetes. When I first saw this book by Dr. Neal Barnard, I thought it was just one of those self-help books for diabetic patients that contain basically everything that I already know about diabetes. Most books will tell you to stop eating this, stop doing that, and a lot of other restrictions that a lot of diabetic patients resort to popping a lot of medications in exchange for not being able to eat what they are used to eating before they had diabetes. But when I browsed through the book, Dr. Barnard had a different approach to helping cure diabetes. He did not try to change the food you ate. He opted to change your outlook and lifestyle instead.

Most diabetes patients develop a fatalistic attitude regarding their condition. You can't really blame them because it has been constantly hammered into them that once they have diabetes, you have no escape from it. You will just continue to get worse as the diabetes progresses, and complications will just occur one by one until you succumb to it. Fortunately for us, we have been brought to the awareness that diabetes is preventable. Even if you are predisposed to having diabetes because your parents and other relatives have it, it does not mean that you will develop it sooner or later. It just means that you have to alter your lifestyle into a healthy one to be able to prevent it from developing. And by his book, Dr. Barnard has managed to make you do exactly that.

Dr. Barnard discusses on how to change your lifestyle by altering your daily activities and adding a bit more to it. Also, he presents a menu that leans more on vegetables and fruits, less on carbohydrates, and none of the animal fat and protein. He further explains in very simple and easy to understand terms how it all works together to enable your body to maintain normal blood glucose levels. Eating healthy has always been the advice of most health professionals but how to do it is not fully explained. They always try to let you cut down on sweets, but not explaining it to you why you have to do it. This is why most diabetics end up having a diet that is devoid of carbohydrates for fear of making their blood sugar go sky high and yet always have episodes of hypoglycemia because of it. With Dr. Barnard's diet plan, he allows you to take regular meals everyday, without skipping any meal, and by this diet allow your body to slowly adjust to this change in lifestyle, letting insulin work for you instead of you catching up to do its work.

I have tried doing the diet although I am not really a confirmed diabetic. I just have a family history of diabetics and am quite overweight. After a month of doing exactly what his diet required, with a few little tweaks of my own, I have lost a total of 15 pounds. I feel healthier and lighter, being able to fit into clothes that I usually shy away from. I have even talked to some people who have tried the same diet, and they said that they also lost weight and have even stopped taking some of their medications. I guess Dr. Barnard's diet and lifestyle plan truly helps, if you make the choice to do it.



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