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Disetronic Medical Systems

The Disetronic Holding AG was found in 1984 in Burgdorf, Switzerland. It produces and distributes infusion systems in medicine dealt. It was formerly known for the development of novel insulin for treating different kinds of diabetes mellitus.

The Disetronic Holding AG was established by brothers Willy and Peter Michel, with government support. In 2000, this company had 1021 employees and completed sales of nearly 252 million francs. The group was split into two halves. The main half, the area which consisted of the infusion pumps was welcomed by the renowned pharmaceutical firm Roche. The other half, the injection area Disetronic Injection Systems AG still works as an independent corporation under the title Ypsomed continued and in 2004 by an IPO, the stock market carried on.

The makers of Disetronic products present a complete line of new insulin pump supplies and cool accessories. You can learn about them best as one of the leading producers of quality blood glucose meters. The similar precision and expertise which goes into their meters goes into every other component of the Disetronic Spirit insulin infusion system.

This infusion system is comprised of three simple and unique components:

  • The ultra modern Disetronic Spirit insulin pump: It's small and light like a pager, can deliver 480 basal doses of insulin per day, it has the largest insulin cartridge-315 units, which means less changes, and includes a backup pump to ensure you an uninterrupted pump therapy.
  • Your smart choice of a Disetronic blood glucose meter: It measures quick, perfect results which frees your time, and requires only a tiny sample size.
  • The Palm device and the new Disetronic Pocket Compass software with a bolus calculator which automatically calculates your bolus doses and even creates pie charts and other smart graphs to track your progress.
  • The super cool Palm Treo smart phone is also available as an extra-cost choice. Thus Disetronic Insulin pumps are cool, modern and have a great technical support for every diabetic patient out there.

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