Diabetes Symptoms

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Diabetes Symptoms

Pre Diabetes Symptoms

Pre diabetes is a condition wherein no physical symptoms are seen although you are predisposed to having diabetes because of the risk factors that are present like having a history of diabetes in the family, age, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, insulin resistance, smoking, alcoholic abuse and an unhealthy lifestyle. To be able to detect this condition, a blood test is taken and processed and correlated with the different risk factors. An elevated glucose level is not yet indicative of diabetes but a retest is needed to confirm it.

Insulin resistance, the cause of pre-diabetes initiates a disparity between glucose and insulin levels in the blood. This may result in obesity via an unhealthy lifestyle and food intake. This condition is reversible, based mainly on losing weight and having a more active and healthy lifestyle. If it is not treated, it will eventually lead to type-2 diabetes which does not have a treatment, only management, possibly requiring daily insulin injections to maintain blood glucose in normal levels.

The common symptoms of Insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes are similar to those felt by diabetics, although just to a certain degree, as compared to those who are already diagnosed with it. Pre diabetes symptoms are mainly due to obesity. First symptom is an increase in urination, wherein the body is trying to lower down the excessive glucose in the body by flushing it out with water from the cell. An increased feeling of thirst is due to the dehydration of cells because of polyuria. Tiredness and fatigue occurs since the glucose is not being utilized by the cells thus no energy is produced. A marked weight loss is observed in spite of an increase in appetite for the reason that the body cannot utilize the food, specifically the carbohydrates, into energy and fat, so it cannot be stored and you lose weight. A feeling of being ill is due to decrease in energy production by the cells. Blurred vision occurs when the high levels of glucose in the blood causes water from the lens to go outward and deforming the lens, making the vision unfocused. Genital infection and thrush is caused by the drying up of skin due to increased blood sugar.

Some individuals with Type 2 Diabetes feel slightly unwell or may think they are just aging. Almost everyone suffering from this condition first has pre diabetes, meaning their blood glucose levels are higher than a normal individuals but have not yet reached the range of type 2 diabetics. Fortunately, pre diabetes doesn't automatically become the irreversible Type 2 variety, which must be managed throughout the individuals lifetime and most likely will require daily insulin. General causes of pre diabetes are resistance to insulin and being overweight, which can generaly be corrected by changing to a balanced regular exercise a nutritious diet and support to encourage healthier lifestyle changes.

Being overweight is the main cause of insulin resistance which causes the development of pre diabetes. Reversing the effects of insulin resistance is important in preventing the occurrence of type 2 Diabetes and the risk of having cardiovascular problems. Insulin is the hormone produced by the pancreas that breaks down glucose to facilitate its entry into the cell and be converted into energy. Being insulin resistant means that the cells react slowly to insulin, thus lowering the rate in which glucose is utilized and in turn increasing the glucose in the blood leading to pre diabetes. Some of the free glucose in the blood are sent to the liver to initiate lipogenesis, or the production of lipids and stored as fat. An increase in insulin in the blood stream stimulates the liver to produce more lipids and cholesterol, thus making the heart more prone to disease and myocardial infarction.

Insulin resistance may lead to several serious health complications such as cardiovascular disorders like metabolic syndrome X and polycystic ovarian syndrome, a disorder affecting the reproductive system of women that may lead to infertility.

The links between insulin resistance, obesity and pre diabetes are complicated. Insulin resistance leads to obesity and causes pre diabetes while obesity makes insulin resistance worse; when insulin resistance gets worse, this consequently enhances the development of pre-diabetes. Pre diabetes is the precursor of type 2 or juvenile diabetes. There is no single solution that can treat all the symptoms of insulin resistance and pre diabetes. A treatment suggested is to control body weight buy using nutraceuticals which are vitamins, herbs and minerals that are specific for certain diseases. To enhance a healthy lifestyle, an exercise program can be undergone combined with nutritional guidance and support to be able to get your weight under control. This is an effective way to treat the symptoms of pre diabetes. Regular exercise increases the amount of insulin receptors on the cells thus more glucose can enter the cell and boost your energy. Muscles use up glucose for its energy, thus balancing glucose levels with insulin.

A diet with low carbohydrate is effective in losing weight and controls insulin production in the pancreas. The food included in the diet should have a low glycemic index (GI) such as whole grain foods high in fiber such as whole wheat bread and uncompressed grain cereals, brown rice, legumes, and other vegetables and fruits. Keeping a low GI, the less likely it is to increase blood glucose levels after meals. Artificial sweeteners are not found to be unsafe and are approved. Any kind of sugar like sweets, pastries, candies, cakes, and molasses should also be avoided.

Stimulants such as caffeine, tobacco, medications for colds and flu, and alcohol should also be avoided in a condition like this. They increase the production of insulin creating hyperinsulinemia or high insulin in the blood. Cortisol is also increased, with a change in blood sugar and thus increasing insulin.

Other conditions and symptoms like high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels that may arise because of pre diabetes should be consulted with a doctor or your health care provider. They should be treated with medications until weight is controlled and lowered to normal levels. As soon as the diet affects insulin production into normal, cholesterol and blood pressure will also normalize.


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