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Bayer Healthcare

Bayer healthcare is a company which employs more than 50,000 people all over the world. The main purpose behind the inception of Bayer healthcare was to provide superior quality products to the people. These products help in improving the health of people living in different parts of the world by diagnosing the diseases quickly and administering the right products in order to prevent them. The medical care wing of Bayer healthcare places primary importance in providing the right kind of medication for people who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Blood glucose meter is considered as an important product as it has been introduced by the medical care division. Monitors which have been designed to test glycated hemoglobin have also been created by the medical care division of Bayer healthcare. One of the blood glucose meters which have been created by this company is known by the name of Didget. This has been designed in such a manner that it can be easily connected to a Nintendo gaming system. The main advantage of this unique blood glucose meter is that since it can be connected to games played by children, it encourages them to check their blood glucose levels on a regular basis.

Bayer healthcare provides many kinds of blood glucose meters which in turn help in keeping track of the sugar levels in the body at all times. There are two main kinds of glucose monitoring devices which are provided by Bayer healthcare. These include the Bayer Contour and the Bayer entrust. The Bayer contour blood glucose monitoring devices manufactured by Bayer healthcare are extremely simple devices whose method of operation can be understood very easily even by a layman. Despite this, the latest advancement in the field of blood glucose monitoring has been incorporated into the device which is being provided to people all over the world by Bayer healthcare. The results provided by this device are accurate especially since Bayer healthcare has adopted the system where coding is avoided in all its blood glucose monitoring devices. This reduces the probability of errors to a large extent. Bayer healthcare is a company which has been involved in the field of medical care for diabetics for the last six decades. The reliability of the blood glucose monitors which have been provided by Bayer healthcare is absolutely 100%.

Bayer HealthCare Manufacturers:

  • A1CNow Selfcheck System
  • BREEZE 2
  • Contour
  • ContourUSB
  • Contour TS
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  • Glucose Meter Manufacturers:

  • Abbott Laboratories - FreeStyle Lite, FreeStyle Flash, Freestyle Freedom, Freestyle Freedom Lite, Precision Xtra
  • Bayer HealthCare - A1CNow Selfcheck System, BREEZE 2, Contour, ContourUSB, Contour TS, DIDGET
  • LifeScan Inc - OneTouch UltraMini Meter, OneTouch Ultra 2, OneTouch UltraSmart, OneTouch UltraLink
  • Roche Diagnostics - Accu Chek Aviva, Accu-Chek Compact Plus, Accu Chek Go
  • Nipro (Home) Diagnostics - TRUE2go, TRUEresult, TRUEtrack, TRUEbalance, TRUEread, Sidekick
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