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Animas Corporation

Animas Corporation which is headquartered in Westchester, Pennsylvania, was acquired by the Johnson & Johnson in 18th February, 2006. It is now an important part of the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Franchise along with the Lifescan and several other different companies serving the requirements of people suffering with diabetes.

Animas Corporation made two great insulin pumps namely Animas 2020 and Animas IR1250. The first one is very popular in the market. The Animas 2020 is a new insulin pump which carries 200 units of insulin injections and can be connected to a separate infusion set following the lure standard. The predecessor of Animas 2020 was the Animas IR1250.

This system was designed and meant to be personal. It comes in five different and cool colors, features a small color screen and allows the consumer to have custom alarm tones. Now to improve treatment the system can automatically save instructions to use while its user is having a sick day and store up to 500 rules set by the consumer on how to react on diverse occasions like when eating a typical food type.

The Animas Ping is a new wireless diabetes treatment system; although the Animas 2020 pump functions can be used manually or wirelessly. When used wirelessly, it readily communicates with a meter/display tool developed by Lifescan Scotland.

With the new OneTouch Ping glucose managing system, the target is having your body perform well inside and out. While multiple daily injections may make that possible, pumping definitely has few advantages over injections.

For example, the Animas thinks that you should be able to live your own life without worrying that the blood glucose control isn't as tough as it could be, or you will feel sleepy in the middle of a business presentation, or you will sleep through the alarm-and obviously your morning insulin injection. Not to mention those 1,400 needle sticks a year.

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