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Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Laboratories is a company which has been striving towards achieving excellence in the field of healthcare and making it easily available to people from all sections of the society. It has been conducting research on a continuous basis and all efforts are being made to ensure that Abbott Laboratories becomes a common name in every household all over the world. The products which are manufactured by Abbott Laboratories have been customized to suit people belonging to different age groups, living in different countries. Survanta is a product of Abbott Laboratories which has been designed especially for infants. Digene, Cremaffin, Epilex, Zolfresh and Obimet are products which have been created by Abbott Laboratories particularly to suit the needs of the local market. Brufen, Prothiaden, Ganaton, Sevorane, Thyronorm and Leptos are some of the other pharmaceutical products which are being manufactured by this company for consumers in the Indian market.

The network which has been established by Abbott Laboratories in India is also extremely strong. A total of 18 distributors for Abbott Laboratories can be found in India. These distributors conduct the process of supplying medicines and pharmaceutical products made by Abbott Laboratories to more than 11000 stock holders and 70000 retailers all over the country. The company has managed to gain a very favorable reputation in the market within a short period of time. The products which are provided by Abbott Laboratories can be subdivided into three main categories namely primary care, specialty care and hospital care. Brufen, Digene and Cremaffin are medicines which come under the category of primary care and they cater to the fields of pain management and gastroenterology in medicine. The medicines which have been manufactured for ailments like diabetes, thyroid problems, obesity and benign prostatic hyperplasia are classified under specialty care medicines. The glucose meters manufactured by this company are extremely user friendly and this is the main reason as to why they are the first preference for people all over the world. Medicines for neurological and psychiatric disorders are also classified under this category. Also, medicines which are required in the medical fields of anesthesiology and neonatology like Forane, Sevorane and Survanta come under the category of hospital care medicines.

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